Community Association Management

What is Association Management? Property management services performed by an experienced and reputable property management company, who primarily serve association communities.

Associations are non-profit corporations formed by the developer for the purpose of ongoing administration and upkeep of common area that may include: parks, pools, and other amenities that are available through shared home ownership. The association may have a variety of names: homeowners association, property owners association, condominium association, cooperative, common interest community, or council of co-owners. Homeowner associations are funded by its members who own homes within the community. As a homeowner, you are required to abide by the governing documents, rules and regulations that are established for the community, and to pay dues, either monthly or annually. These funds are used for the purpose of maintenance or improvements for the common areas.

While community associations are managed by an elected Board to manage the day to day duties and business affairs of the community, most communities hire outside or third party management companies to manage administrative, financial, and maintenance duties for the community. Community management services are designed to augment the duties of the Board, while delivering the services that impact the short and long term values of the community.

Association Management Services:

      •   Community Inspection Services
      •   Vendor and Maintenance Services
      •   Meeting and Election Management
      •   Financial and Investment Management Services
      •   Seasonal Administration Pool Services
      •   Reserve Studies
      •   Document Services
      •   Homeowner Call Management Services

Serving Association communities for 28 years, DNI Properties specializes in the delivery of management solutions and the expertise you need when choosing a management company.

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