Financial Management Services

DNI Properties takes extra steps to  ensure  that your Community Assets are managed and secured by RBC and FDIC banking institution.  Communities have trusted DNI for 28 years to manage financials, investments, and process payments responsibly

As a full service or self managed community, you will receive financial services each month that include:

  •   Balance Sheet
  •   Budget Comparison (Income Statement)
  •   General Ledger
  •   Rent Roll
  •   Delinquency
  •   Check Register
  •   Copies of all checks and invoices paid during the month
  •   Coupon books
  •   Collect notices for annual dues and delinquencies

We prepare Year-end 1099’s for all services communities and will assist with:

  •   Budget planning
  •   Community insurance company for worker’s compensation audits
  •   Community CPA for year-end tax preparation

We pay our Community Bills 3 times per month. All funds are deposited in the name of the Community, no co-mingling. We utilize Lockbox system – ACH service for monthly payers offered through RBC.