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Salon & Spa

Full-Service Beautification:

Shampoo, blow-dry, up to 15 minutes of brush-out, nail grind & ear cleaning. Special shampoos for skill ailments and gland expression are visible as needed upon request.


Includes our full-service beautification as well as feed, face and sanity trim.


Includes our full-service beautification + de-shedding.


Includes our full-service beautification + trimming feet, face, sanitary area as well as full body haircut of your desired length & style.

*Prices are determined by pet size, coat length and conditions

Creative Grooming

Creative grooming is nearly limitless. From covering gray hair to dying a tattoo of your favorite logo to making your pet look like and exotic animal, let your imagination run wild!

Additional Services

Teeth Brushing, Gland Expression, Nail Painting, Flea & Tick Treatment

A la Carte

Nail Grind, Ear Cleaning, Brush Out, Nail Painting, Pad Shave, Sanitary Trim, Teeth Brushing.