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Creative Grooming

Creative pet grooming has been around for centuries. However, there is a new trend among pet owners who are “dying” to add creative and unique individuality to their pets apperance. The sky’s the limit as far as getting what you want out of your groomer. The pet owners themselves seem quite ecstatic with their pets’ new color trends, but the pets themselves seem to have little care for what colors their coats are, but love the new found attention they receive from onlookers.

For some people, pet grooming is simply a way to maintain comfort and cleanliness in their pet. However, with Creative Grooming pet grooming has gone to the next leve and almost anything is possible with the wonderful assortment of colors and pet grooming accessories available to our Pet Stylists.

Any color or cut you want for your pet is possible at Pets & Company! From the most innocent breed standard cuts, to the most outrageous punk rock Chihuahuas, it is possible and available for new and unique pet grooming styles to come about.

Team colors, emblems, logos, or a special message, you’re only limited by your imagination, anything is possible at Pets & Company.

To see A few examples of some of these amazing hair styles look here: Creative Grooming Gallery

Is dying your pet safe? All of our dyes are not only non-toxic they are vegetable based and considered vegan, they are designed specifically for pets. For more info on Creative Grooming Safety please click here.

Our Creative Groomers are members of the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers

If you’re interested in having your pet’s hair dyed or just getting a simple temporary tattoo stenciled on to their fur please call 636-530-7387 or email petsandcopets@yahoo.com to set up an appointment with one of our Creative Groomers.